Software Development

Key Skills

  •  Application Analysis, Design, and Implementation
  • Data Modeling
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Testing
  • Data Modeling
  • Business Rule Engines
  • Web and “Back-End” Applications


Successful Projects

Insurance Policy Management System

Lead design and development of all Customer Service, Billing & Cash (premiums accounts receivable), Contract Underwriting, and Utility Services sub-systems.  Delivered more than 600 application modules. Received several customer recognition awards for timely delivery and user satisfaction.

Risk Analysis System

Lead design and development of application to analyze pools of mortgage loans for default risk utilizing S&P LEVELS and LoanPerformance Risk Performance engines.

Database/Infrastructure Upgrade

Lead upgrade to web application servers, databases, design repository, as well as significant enhancements to 7×24 web based incident reporting system.  Custom database replication system minimized application downtime.  Project praised as “a stunning success”.

Consignment Inventory System

Responsible for inventory management system that allowed client’s customers to request consignment product delivery and purchase these products, as needed.  The customers effectively became local warehouses for the client’s inventory system.  Developed customer on-site inventory system, as well as integration with client’s Oracle Applications (Order Entry, Inventory, Purchasing).

Distribution Facility Automation

Architectural design for automated warehouse facility, integrating material handling systems, inventory tracking, case goods, and ERP system interfaces.

Business Rule Engine

Developed code generators to automate implementation of business rules. Generator produced database packages and triggers that supported server and application services, enforcing business rules via a callable API or direct DML.